23 regalos para maniáticos de la limpieza

A remote control garbage can ($38).

These double-duty slippers ($6).

Or the cuter version ($13).

This device to get perfectly folded shirts ($25).
Putty that actually cleans ($18).
A desk vacuum shaped like a Zamboni ($22).
This Roomba for your windows ($400).

This adorable tiny robot that cleans your screens ($25).

A dish brush that is also a bubble blower ($9).

This tie that also cleans your screens ($20).

A 36-pack of microfiber cloths ($18).

A robot fur ball that cleans as it bops around your house ($74).

The world's cutest broom ($33).

This incredibly cool-looking Dyson cordless vacuum ($600).

A minimalist airtight container for wet wipes ($30).
A dustpan that's happy to help ($15).
Or this svelte version ($60
A makeup brush-cleaning mat for your sink ($25).
Gloves to get your foods clean ($8).
This doormat that does the nagging for you ($24).
A germ wand that makes traveling less grody ($60).
Gloves that have a sense of humor ($10).
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