Animaciones domingueras especial Romain Lauren (14 fotos)


El fotógrafo Romain Laurent se especializa en curiosos GIFs bucle que son bastante surrealistas. Puedes ver mas aquíOne Loop Portrait a Week - #47 Came across an invisible being with a happy pair of pants who doesn’t know about anything about gravity rules facebook / instagram / vineconverse: “ So you don’t have to watch your step, The Chuck Taylor Rubber Ox collection. ” Chuck Taylor Rubber tested and approved by yours trulyLoop #58 is actually an old video I shot of actor Rhashan Stone 3 years ago as a digital billboard for the promotion of a tv show. I wasnt into cinemagraphs at the time and the shot ended up not getting used. It was too good not to share so I decided...Loop #57 Clare McGibbon’s hairdo includes a silver spoon wind up mechanism facebook / instagramLoop #56 Fabien testing his new umbrella’s function facebook / instagramWe will always have French kissing. Quoiqu’il arrive, on se roulera toujours des pelles. This past week has been as intense as it gets for a lot of people in Paris. I happened to be visiting for a couple week. We were all affected one way or another....Loop Portrait of street artist L’Atlas during his massive temporary art installation NEW YORK: AIR for StreetArtByPerrier He found interesting and fast technique to inflate a few thousands balloonsLet the @Frappuccino Float on your mind.Loop #53 Clare McGibbon gave up trying to put that blanket on the sand facebook / instagram / vineHere’s my spin on the Dance frappuccino Dance Challenge. #MakeSomeFun #SponsoredOne Loop Portrait a Week - #42 I didn’t master the art of putting pants on yet facebook / instagram / vineOne Loop Portrait a Week - #41 Bowen Slate-Greene doesnt quite know how to get off the wall facebook / instagramOne Loop Portrait a Week - #39 One last of Vincent Cyr, whose inner self is feeling real smooth right now facebook / instagram

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