Artista realiza un retrato 3D para que un ciego se pueda “ver” por primera vez (12 fotos)


El artista Andrew Myers hizo un retrato de un jovial anciano ciego llamado George Wurtzel de 4.000 tornillos pintados a mano. George tendrá una obra de arte que él también podría disfrutar. Basta con mirar a esa reacción de felicidad en su rostro.

George is also an artist, a woodworker, and a teacher who has created many creative art projects of his own.Myers initially took a picture of George that would serve as the blueprint for the entire piece.Then Andrew drew a topography map of George’s face.One by one Andrew drilled in each screw based on that map.The finished 3D portrait, minus the color.Andrew then hand-painted each screw head.Two months later, this wonderful tactile portrait of George was finishedAndrew drove 13 hours from Laguna Beach up to Enchanted Hills Camp in Napa Valley to surprise George with this project.George immediately began touching the project and insisted on sharing it with his students and portrait screws blind man reaction 7 Artist makes a 3D portrait for a blind man to ‘see’ by touch and it was so worth the effort (12 HQ Photos)George loved it, particularly he couldn't get enough of the beard.

More incredible artwork by artist Andrew Myers at andrewmyersart & cantorfineartA George leencantó, sobre todo la barba.

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