Cuando el arte accidental es mejor que tu propio arte (20 fotos)

cuando-el-arte-accidental-es-mejor-que-tu-propio-arte-20-fotos-1 Deer Formed From An Accidental Drop Of Black PaintI Accidentally Painted A Silhouette Of A Forest In My Last Sip Of CoffeeMy Daughter Dumped Out Her Acrylics In The SinkWork In A Paint Store, The Tint Came Out Looking Like A Volcano EruptingShe Chose The Wrong Place To Take A NapPolished Layers Of Car Paint From An Old Factory In DetroitThis Is What Happens When The Triple Foam Breaks At The Car WashHow It Looked After Tinting Paste Dropped Into PaintMy Paint Fell On The Floor And It Looks Way Better Than Anything I've DoneTruck With 14 Tons Of Paint Rolls Over Painting The Road In Vibrant ColorsThe Sink After A Day Of ArtWhen Your Camera Hangs At Your Side And Randomly ShotsRain + PollenThis Pattern Of Bubbles In A Squeeze Of Acrylic PaintAfter Easter Clean UpNew York Skyline Accidentally Taken From A Tour BoatBeer Whale ... Poured A Beer Into My Glass How The Foam Came Together After A Few Minutes ....Paint Truck Breaks Long Standing Speed Record - Hits 88 MphJapanese Art Teacher Photographs Aftermath Of Cleaning Up An Acrylic Paint Spill

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