Decoradores de tartas que siguieron las instrucciones al pie de la letra (20 fotos)

Si alguna vez has pedido un pastel personalizado, apuesto a que sabes lo importante que es dar las instrucciones muy claras. Porque, bueno, es muy fácil convertir un hermoso pastel en un épico fallo. Especialmente cuando se siguen las instrucciones al pie de la letra y no tiene un auto corrector para pasteles. Echa un vistazo, te partirás el ojete: decoradores-de-tartas-que-siguieron-las-instrucciones-al-pie-de-la-letra-20-fotos You Had One Job, BakerI Was Asked What I Want Written On My Cake. I Said "Nothing"Thank You, Mr. BakerMy Friend In China Ordered A Cake For His Son. He Texted The Bakery The Message To Appear On The Cake - "Happy 9th Birthday." This Is What He ReceivedI Think They Took It Too LiterallyInstruction Unclear, Followed Them AnywayJust Write Happy BirthdayHappy Birthday In SpanishI Want SprinklesCoach Tom´s Big Purple Balls!Congratulations As Small As PossibleHalloween CakeNancy In Caps. I Mean In CapsTo Be Picked Up At ElevenHere's The Image For The CakeA: What Would You Like The Cake To Say?  B: "Happy Birthday".  A: Anything Else?  B: Just "Happy Birthday"And If You Think E-Mailing A Picture To The Bakery Helps... Think AgainOkayJust Balloons Would Be FineBaker 1: "Hey, Jill, What Am I Putting On This Cake?"  Baker 2: "Oh, Check The Counter, I Left The Jump Drive Out" Baker 1: "All righty then"Happy Birthday Randy!

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