[SPOILERS!] El episodio de anoche de «Juego de tronos» traumatizó todo el internet (20 fotos)

spoilers-el-episodio-de-anoche-de-juego-de-tronos-traumatizo-todo-el-internet-20-fotos  WARNING!  CUIDADO!
Si de alguna manera todavía no has visto la reacción del Internet al episodio de anoche «La puerta», para de leer, este articulo esta lleno de spoilers!
For realz. Turn back. LOOK AWAY! Vete si no quieres ser «spoileado»


Well, you'd think it would be next to impossible to make 'The Red Wedding' seem like a child's Quinceañera party, but here we are. GoT's lost arguably the purest and most universally loved character last night, Hodor, and true to George R. R. Martin's style he did not go gently into the night. 


He went aggressively. And painfully. And slowly.But he did go bravely, and he ripped the collective internet's heart out when he did it. You see, even more heartbreaking than watching a gentle, altruistic giant get torn to pieces by the army of the undead, is learning the origins of his name.

It goes like this: Bran (once again) disobeyed the Three-Eyed Raven, which led to the white-walkers learning his whereabouts. Whenever they show up, Bran, Meera and Hodor find themselves heavily outgunned and outnumbered and are forced to flee down a long hallway with a single door at the end. As they narrowly make it through with a mob nipping at their boots, Hodor slams the door behind them as Meera yells, "Hold the Door!"And this is where the waters get a bit muddy. Bran wargs into present version of Hodor (which is technically Wylis since Bran is in the middle of visiting a past memory) so he can use Hodor's body to 'hold the door'. As (present) Hodor is ripped to shreds you get a visual on young Hodor/Wylis suffering what looks to be a seizure while yelling "Hold the Door! Hold the Door!"Wylis' mind eventually just snaps, likely due to this warging-inception-clusterf*ck, and results in him knowing only one word for the rest of his life — Hodor.tumblr o7liclc08z1qhz95yo2 500 14640070218 [SPOILERS!] Game of Thrones latest episode traumatized the entire internet (25 Photos)

La próxima vez que alguien me diga que le aguante la puerta.


 Yo durante el episodio de anoche!

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